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Welcome to the Burlington County Clerk’s Public Records Search System (PRESS). The system will link several disparate databases to provide the general public with user friendly enhanced search capabilities to make public information previously available to real estate and title search professionals more readily accessible.

We will be adding additional document types and additional series years as we complete the data conversion process. Part of this process will include a means of identifying data “exceptions” to ensure that more records are completely available and free from error faster than ever before. We hope that you will use this system and thank you for your patience as we continue the build-out to meet and then exceed prior data availability. If you have other questions, comments or concerns, please contact my office at or 609-265-5122.

Block and Lot search provided for convenience and information only. Search results may not reflect change to local tax map. Block and Lot can only be confirmed by the Tax Board.

Thank you,

Joanne Schwartz
Burlington County Clerk

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